Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our patients’ most common questions. If you need further information, please call us at 212.606.1678.

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Our office specializes in the treatment of sports related injuries with a focus on non-surgical treatment and prevention. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of most every type of sports related issue and injury, from shin splints to fractures. Since 95% of sports injuries do not require surgical treatment, we treat the vast majority of problems that come into our office, head, shoulders, knees, and toes. If surgery is required, we generally refer patients within the Hospital for Special Surgery network for surgical treatment.

Our focus and philosophy is to find the best outcome for patients with the least amount of intervention. The goal is to keep people moving and enjoying the benefits of exercise, health, and movement.

We also work with a team of trainers, nutritionists, and preventive health specialists. Together, we try to design strategies to keep you healthy, whether you’re a marathon runner, triathlete, ballet dancer, or just someone trying to walk around your neighborhood.

Our practice involves two groups of patients, young athletes, and young at heart athletes.  The young at heart group includes many thousands of young, middle-aged and older adults, ranging from highly competitive athletes to ordinary people with musculoskeletal complaints. In this group we regularly us referrals such as physical therapy, massage therapy, sports nutrition, and even sports psychology to aid our patients.

We are equipped to take care of most types of acute injuries here, including wrist, finger, foot, back and knee injuries. We always try to keep everyone out of the emergency room unless it is absolutely necessary. If an injury happens during the weekday, please call the office and specify the type of injury. My staff will make every effort to arrange X-rays and have you seen here. If possible, we try to triage after house injuries over the phone and then have them seen here the next morning. We perform all types of casting and splinting in the office so the need to go to the Emergency Room is greatly reduced. Many of the schools we work with have certified athletic trainers who will also help determine if an X-ray is necessary.

In the Stamford office, we have the benefit of having X-ray in the office suite, while in New York X-ray is just next door. For New York patients, we try to coordinate X-rays before the appointment, but this is not necessary in Stamford.

Our office runs on several principles, the first being the Kansas City principle. Having grown up in the Midwest, I am convinced that Midwestern manners go a long way in New York. We try and treat everyone who comes in our door as if the interaction were happening in Kansas City (where the people are always nice and courteous!). We try as much as possible to keep the office running in a timely manner, with room during the day for emergencies. My staff has been trained to look out for those problems that will likely require X-rays in advance and will try to arrange the is before your visit. Westchester and Stamford appointments are made through the New York office.

We realize that you are already paying for health insurance and, as such, always try to minimize extra costs by using your insurance to cover any tests we perform. Depending on your insurance coverage, we will try to arrange any X-rays, MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), or ultrasound testing through your insurance company. This sometimes includes juggling your appointment time to work within the framework of the participating facility.

NYC Office: 212-606-1678. 519 East 72nd Street, Suite 206. 72nd Street between York Avenue and the East River. Just start walking east and keep going.

Westchester Office: 1133 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 10605

Stamford CT Office: One Blachley RD. I-95, Exit 9, Take E Main St to Blachley Rd